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William is running a community powered campaign using the Montgomery County Public Election Fund. Contributions between $5 and $250 dollars from county residents will be matched on a sliding scale.

If you don’t live in Montgomery County, don’t worry, any non-county contribution up to $250 can also be accepted.

Every dollar invested in our campaign will make a huge difference!

More about the County Public Financing System

Check Donation:

If you wish to send a check, please 

fill out our offline donation form 

and follow the instructions to mail a check.

William is not accepting money from any special interest group, corporation, or PAC and isn’t taking big dollars from ultra-wealthy donors - he’s running this campaign fueled by investments from people like you.

*Individuals can only donate a maximum of $250 through 12/31/2022. Contributions from PAC's, corporations, political parties, and unions are prohibited. Contributions cannot be made on behalf of any other person or entity. Only contributions from Montgomery County residents will be matched from the Fund. Contributions from outside of Montgomery County are accepted up to the $250 limit, but will not be matched.

This is how
donations from Montgomery County residents
will be matched:

$5 donation = Totals $25

$25 donation = Totals $125

$50 donation = Totals $250

$100 donation = Totals $450

$150 donation = Totals $600

$250 donation = Totals $700